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  • You're in the process of preparing for your divorce. This is an important, emotional, and challenging transition for you and your family. Our VvCP members will be happy to advise you about your options for extra support to make this transition in the best way possible, while still maintaining family ties, financial resources, and quality of life. There are multiple ways to separate. The kind of separation you choose determines the nature and pace of your separation. In order to be able to give you advice, we kindly ask you to answer the questions in our questionnaire. Please do not think too much about the answers, just choose the first answer that comes to mind. On a scale of 1 to 10, please select the answer that best suits your current situation.

What do we do?

Guidance in divorce and conflicts

Guiding your divorce and resolving conflicts

VvCP’s experts assist partners who are separating and parties involved in business conflicts. Our experts use the collaborative method and a multidisciplinary approach to reach the best solution. A team of professionals will assist you in making good arrangements during your divorce or in resolving a conflict.


Sustainable solutions without going to court

Both partners or parties will work with their own attorney and will also be supported by a coach/psychologist and legal and financial experts, if necessary. Everyone agrees in advance that we will avoid going to court. We will discuss everything with respect for each other so we can arrive at sustainable, future-proof solutions. There is space for you to express your needs and expectations and we will discuss any bottlenecks.


Divorce and your children

If you have children together, it’s very important that the divorce isn’t more difficult for them than necessary. We will draw up a clear parenting plan together that will give the children certainty and a clear picture of what the new situation will look like. A team of professionals will guide you through the process and a child psychologist will be brought in if needed. 


Collaborative divorce and collaborative practice

The collaborative method originates from the United States. Partners work together with experts on a respectful way of separating or resolving conflicts – not against each other, but with each other. We look for a solution that benefits everyone. Our collaborative divorce and collaborative practice experts are trained in this method.

Collaborative divorce
Collaborative practice