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  • You're in the process of preparing for your divorce. This is an important, emotional, and challenging transition for you and your family. Our VvCP members will be happy to advise you about your options for extra support to make this transition in the best way possible, while still maintaining family ties, financial resources, and quality of life. There are multiple ways to separate. The kind of separation you choose determines the nature and pace of your separation. In order to be able to give you advice, we kindly ask you to answer the questions in our questionnaire. Please do not think too much about the answers, just choose the first answer that comes to mind. On a scale of 1 to 10, please select the answer that best suits your current situation.

Who are we?

This is the VvCP

We are the VvCP

VvCP – the Association of Collaborative Professionals – is committed to resolving and preventing conflicts in consultation according to the method of Collaborative Practice. A team of professionals is put together to assist ex-partners or parties in the event of a conflict or divorce without resorting to litigation. Our aim is to cultivate respect for each other in order to create sustainable solutions. Our association consists of professionals who are trained in the collaborative method.


For divorces, business conflicts and inheritance disputes

VvCP distinguishes between collaborative divorce and collaborative practice. A collaborative divorce is a good solution for couples who want to separate respectfully. In our method, they are guided by a team of experts. Both partners will have their own attorney, and together they will be supported by a coach/psychologist and financial expert. If necessary, a children’s coach will be added to the team. The collaborative practice focuses on guiding parties who are involved in a business or personal conflict or a disagreement around an inheritance or estate. Here, too, a team of professionals is put together to guide the parties towards the best solution.


Are you a divorce professional?

Are you a divorce professional looking for additional tools to help you avoid going to court? Are you tired of being sucked into your clients’ conflicts? Our basic training teaches you how to achieve better outcomes through multidisciplinary collaboration.


For inheritance professionals law interested in our method

Are you a university-educated professional – an inheritance attorney, notary or notary in training (legal or financial), estate planner, accountant, tax consultant or estate mediator? And do you work in the field of inheritance law and estate planning? VvCP would be happy to give you more tools to prevent you from going to court! Go through our basic training and learn more about the multidisciplinary approach.

Collaborative divorce
Collaborative practice