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  • You're in the process of preparing for your divorce. This is an important, emotional, and challenging transition for you and your family. Our VvCP members will be happy to advise you about your options for extra support to make this transition in the best way possible, while still maintaining family ties, financial resources, and quality of life. There are multiple ways to separate. The kind of separation you choose determines the nature and pace of your separation. In order to be able to give you advice, we kindly ask you to answer the questions in our questionnaire. Please do not think too much about the answers, just choose the first answer that comes to mind. On a scale of 1 to 10, please select the answer that best suits your current situation.

The collaborative practice

What is it?

Resolving conflicts without the courts

The collaborative practice focuses on the rapid resolution of conflicts in consultation without needing to bring disputes before a court. Under the expert guidance of professionals, we will work towards a respectful settlement of the conflict, looking for a solution that benefits both parties, without the stress of lengthy litigation.


Collaborative practice for inheritance and estates

Both parties will have their own attorney who represents their interests and provides legal assistance, but is not there to harm other parties. It’s this combined approach that ensures that the collaborative practice is a good solution for resolving complex inheritance disputes. This conflict resolution style helps everyone avoid frustration and wasted time.


Difference between mediation and collaborative practice

In contrast to mediation, collaborative practice works with a team of experts. Each party has their own attorney, as well as support from a financial expert and coach/psychologist where necessary. Discussions are led by the coach, who ensures that the conversation is structured well without emotions getting the upper hand. All professionals are affiliated with VvCP.

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Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative practice

More information about collaborative divorce

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